Case study


Activities that have proved successful in driving sales from Spanish users are traffic campaigns. “Since the start, Vodafone’s virtual sales force of publishers have driven more than 4 million unique users, contributing a steady stream of sales.”

Jose Luís Fennández Nieto,
Responsible for New Sales Channels, Vodafone Spain

Tradedoubler Campaigns

Tradedoubler can help to carry out online campaigns to promote new products, acquire new members or customers or even to assist in increasing brand awareness. Having defined and agreed upon clear objectives Tradedoubler runs targeted campaigns over a specific time period.

With an extensive network of varied content websites, a solid and advanced tracking technology providing detailed real time statistics in a user-friendly interface, Tradedoubler provides an excellent solution for carrying out online campaigns.

Extensive reach as well as specialised context

Tradedoubler works with all types of websites to achieve results. Depending on the objectives of the campaign a combination of large portals, niche sites and vertical sites can be included to provide the optimum result.

Campaigns are actively optimised through Tradedoubler’s account managers that continuously recruit relevant websites, who can market companies through their sites and emails.

Efficient campaign management

  • Track visitors from impression to sales
  • Possibility to add customised measurements
  • Collate statistics from several independent sources of traffic

Evaluate and optimise

Based on the statistics provided it will be possible to
  • Identify which websites drive the most active and quality visitors
  • Identify which websites deliver the most sales
  • Optimise the campaign on a real time basis
  • Identify best practices, products and graphics