Case study - Carat Net

About Carat Net Italy

Carat Net is a Carat Italia Group company dedicated to digital communication. It has developed a very rigorous online media process that is part of Carat Italia Group Expertise. The process, developed for the digital media, is based on the study of all the research and analysis necessary to “customize” the best communication strategy for target clients.

Since the end of 2001 Carat Net offers Tradedoubler’s solutions in their portfolio.


The objective for Carat Net is mainly to be able to offer their clients efficient online solutions within online marketing and sales, that create results. The cooperation with Tradedoubler also broadens Carat Net’s offering and increases their revenue streams.

Being able to offer turnkey solutions and getting access to years of experience within the online marketing and sales are also important objectives. This has reduced Carat Net’s time to market and kept them up to date within the most efficient online solutions.

Activity and success factors

When approaching a client, Carat Net and Tradedoubler start by organising a joint meeting to present the solutions and its opportunities.

The continuing sales process and the strategic planning is done by Carat Net. The daily management however, Carat Net has handed to Tradedoubler. These activities are for example outlining and optimising program strategies as well as recruitment of and negotiation with affiliated websites.


The major result from the co-operation with Tradedoubler is the fact that Carat Net’s clients are able to improve their results through efficient tools for online marketing and sales. This increases the relationship and the loyalty with Carat Net’s clients as well generates new revenue streams.

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